thank you, thank you, thank you.


Just wanted to say thank you to everyone who performed at my Light The Night benefit show. Seriously, i love you all.

Just in case you missed the show the bands links are going to be listed right here :

The Other 9 to 5 (
OnceByTheAtlantic (
Big Jet Plane ( )
Neighborhood Kids(
Backslashes & Bad Ideas (
Four Nights Gone (
Breaking Even (

Another BIG thank you to my good friends Anthony & Vlad for photographing my event.

Anthony’s Photography here :[]

Vlad’s Photography here : []

Shout out to Lauren and her HBB team for coming out to support and interview all my wonderful acts ! Stay tuned for her interviews here : ( )

Without my family, my friends and everyone else i mentioned ( who are also very good friends) this wouldn’t have been as successful. All together we raised 700$  for the cause. Thank you all so much!

Love, Christine

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