Butcher Babies & Nonpoint – Kings & Queens Tour 2018 | Photos & Review

You can view all photos of each band via the links below

Disrupted Euphoria | Sumo Cyco | Islander | Nonpoint | Butcher Babies 

By: Jamie Kaufman | Venue: Whisky A Go-Go in West Hollywood, CA

         Going to a tour with your favorite band headlining is always a fun experience. However, when two of your favorite bands are co-headlining, and have very strong supporting acts along with them, you know it’s going to be an excellent evening of pure raw rock and metal.

The first band up was Disrupted Euphoria, local to Moorpark, CA. As I spoke about in a previous review, I have seen this band countless times. This evening, they put on the tightest set I’ve ever seen them pull off. They played a 25-minute set, and crammed 6 songs into that set, as they went from song to song very quickly. This date was very special for the band, as it was vocalist Hannah Rebel’s 25th birthday, so they promoted the show as a Disrupted Show/Hannah’s birthday party. To say the band slayed would be an understatement. I cannot wait for you all to hear the new EP they’re working on, as I know they will garner a large fan-base with their unique sound, which mixes melodic death metal, groove metal, and elements of symphonic metal with Hannah Rebel’s operatic clean vocal range. If you are local to Southern California, check out this band. They play very regularly throughout the whole area.

The next band up was Sumo Cyco, who came from Canada. This was a band I hadn’t heard much about before seeing them, but was incredibly blown away by their set, and thus bought both of their CDs that night. The band has chosen to stay as an independent band, not signing with a label and doing everything themselves, which is very commendable. Vocalist Skye Sweetnam has an incredible voice and truly knows how to command a stage. Skye and guitarist Matt Drake jumped into the crowd several times and were very into crowd involvement, which was a joy to see. They played 6-songs in total, 4 of which came from their 2017 release “Opus Mar”. The band has quite the unique sound, mixing pop rock, post-hardcore, and hard rock. I would definitely recommend checking this band out!

The next band was Islander, who are from South Carolina. I was excited to see them live, as I had been listening to them for well over a year before this show, and they surely did not disappoint. The band played an impressive 8 song set, which they used to showcase songs from their whole discography. Their newest single “I Want Sushi”, released earlier in 2018, via Outerloop Records, was a big highlight of their set. Vocalist Mikey Caravajal is very hands on with the crowd, crowdsurfing during the final song of their set. They have such a cool sound, mixing together genres like nu-metal, rap metal, and alternative metal. This was a band I had been wanting to see for a while, and I’m so happy I was able to.

The first headliner up was Nonpoint. Hailing from Fort Lauderdale, this band has been playing tours throughout the US since their debut as a band in 1997. Their newest album “X” is set to release later in 2018 via Spinefarm Records, and I am very excited to hear it. They used their 13-song set to showcase songs from a majority of their albums. Songs that were highlights for me were “Bullet with a Name”, “My Last Dying Breath”, and “F**K’D”. I had seen them once before, when they did a co-headlining tour with my all-time favorite band, Escape the Fate. Out of the two times I’ve seen Nonpoint, this would be my favorite. The band was on fire from the start of their set to the finish. Vocalist Elias Soriano has such a commanding stage presence and interacts very well with the photographers and audience members alike. I highly recommend seeing this band live, as they are very high energy and will keep you jumping and rocking out throughout the entire set.

The final band up was the infamous Butcher Babies. I have been into this band for about 3-4 years now, since they released the single “Monster’s Ball”. Co-Vocalists Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey surely know how to command a stage. Guitarist Henry Flury adds some seriously amazing tonality to the band’s sound with his 8-string guitar. With Jason Klein’s amazing bass playing, and the edition of new drummer Chase Brickenden, the band’s newest album “Lilith”, which was released in 2017 via Century Media Records, is their strongest release to date. The band played a 15-song set, 9 of which came from the newest album. Highlight songs from their set would be “Monster’s Ball”, “The Butcher”, “Pomona (Shit Happens),” and many more amazing songs. I was so happy to finally see this band live, and to meet vocalist Heidi afterwards. I was very happy to finally see this band live, and will definitely be seeing them again.

All in all, this show was utterly amazing. In all honesty, I shot 4 shows within a one-week period, and this one would have to be my favorite of the 4, with the Bleeding Through show coming in a close second. The bands were all truly talented and I will definitely be seeing all of them again when they come out to the West Coast again!

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