Rings of Saturn – Dank Memes Tour Review 


When one hears that a tour titled the “Dank Memes Tour” is rolling around, one may stop and be puzzled by what that entails. But once they see the lineup filled with the deathcore affiliates, they know it’s going to be one epic night of music.  

The first band up was Gloom. This amazing deathcore band with black metal influences surely came out swinging. Playing songs from their debut album “Solaris”, released via EOne Records in 2017, they shredded that stage and got the night off to a great start.  

The next band up was Entheos. This was my 2nd time seeing them. Entheos has a dear place in my heart, as they are so much more than your typical deathcore band. How I’d best describe them is by saying they’re a mixture of deathcore, fusion, jazz, and groove. They have a very diverse sound unlike any other. They played songs from each release of theirs. But, most of their set came from their newest release, “Dark Future”, released via Spinefarm records in the fall of 2017. They slayed that stage and were one of my personal favorites that evening. 

The next band was no other than Lorna Shore. This was my 4th time seeing these deathcore gents and they were quite amazing. Each time I see them, they bring a level of talent and complexity through their music. Their newest release, “Flesh Coffin”, released via Outerloop Records in early 2017, was truly spectacular. For the most part, they played songs off this release, but still threw in one or two songs from earlier releases. The amount of energy these dudes bring to the table is amazing and I cannot wait to see them again.  

The next band up was Allegaeon. Allegaeon was one of my favorites of the evening for many reasons. I am a sucker for some melodic death metal mixed in with deathcore, and this band does it perfectly. From the dueling guitar solos, to those heavy breakdowns, this band is truly one to check out. They played songs from most of their albums, but most them came from their newest release “Proponent for Sentience”, released via Metal Blade Records in 2016. I was blown away by their stage presence and hope to see them again soon. 

The second to last band up was the infamous Nekrogoblikon. To say this band is conceptual is an understatement. With all their songs being about goblins, and even having a goblin come on stage and hype up the crowd, this band blows my mind with their creativity. They also blow me away with their independent releases and self-management. Nekrogoblikon was just announced as one of the bands to be on the final full-country run of the Vans Warped Tour and will be on the Monster Mutant White Lightning stage and will be on for the entire tour. So, if you like heavy music and like some very entertaining stage presence, I highly recommend checking these guys out! 

The final band of the night was the headlining band Rings of Saturn. This was my 4th time seeing the band that invented their own genre, Aliencore. Another conceptual band that has taken the world by storm, these guys surely know how to get a crowd going. With highly technical instrumentals and lyrics that all have to do with aliens, you have a band with some serious talent. They played a 9-song set, including the encore. A majority of the set came from their most recent release “Ultu Ulla”, released via Nuclear Blast in 2017. Rings of Saturn is certainly not the band to sleep on and I recommend checking them out.  

This tour package was an incredible one to see and I highly recommend checking out each of these bands, as they are all seriously talented and deserve some praise. 

** photos of each band to follow **

Review by Jamie Kaufman| 3/4/18 | 1720

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